Taking you into print—seven easy steps

  1. 1. Register with us (see below) sending us your ideas or manuscript.
  2. 2. We will reply making suggestions for your next step. (We reply to all emails within 15 working days.)
  3. 3. You send us the first draft of your work.
  4. 4. We then reply and offer you an editor and a contract to publish, or suggest further revisions to submit until the material merits publication.
  5. 5. You return the signed contract and payment of invoice and send a first draft of your work to your editor.
  6. 6. Your editor will respond with feedback until you are both happy that the work is completed.
  7. 7. We publish your work as an e-book. You will receive your royalties annually.

Register with Mardibooks

Mardibooks will examine your synopsis and chapters and advise on your next steps. Registration costs £40.

You will receive guidance from editors who are published writers on how to improve the quality of your manuscript to render it good for publishing or we will offer you a publishing contract. If we offer you a contract the £40 will be deducted from the invoice.

Current publishing costs are as follows

Ebook package – £800

Hard copy print is priced separately, but typically a 200 page novel traditionally printed as a quality paperback would cost:
£1800 – 250 copies
£2500 – 500 copies
£3000 – 1000 copies

We sell on our website and via Amazon.

As a hard copy publisher our books are available to order from Waterstones, John Lewis, Foyles, WHSmiths and a variety of independent booksellers.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Should I send my whole manuscript right away if it is finished?
A.  Please just send us a synopsis of your work. Tell us when you wrote and finished it and your previous writing history.
Q. Do I have to enter into a contract with Mardibooks to have my work read?
A. Once you have registered with Mardibooks all work prior to an offer of publication is done in negotiation with the writer, and is free.
Q. Can I work with Mardibooks if other companies are interested in my work?
A. We are happy to work with writers irrespective of other links they may have with agents or publishers, prior to an offer of publication.
Q. If I want to publish my book in hard copy as well as in eBook format, can mardibooks do this?
A. If we are convinced of the strength and commercial potential of your work, Mardibooks will look to publish it in hard copy, too. We have released 20% of our writers’ works in hard copy since we were formed.
Q. Isn’t this whole operation just another form of vanity publishing?
A. Mardibooks works with writers and professional distributors including Amazon, Waterstone’s, Gardners, to get your book out onto the international stage and give it the kind of exposure that only a professional publisher can, whilst retaining our local feel and close relationship with our writers.

Let’s publish the book

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