Alyson Torns

Unresolved Journey

Istarted writing this poem in 2004 and finished it in 2007. It’s taken 8 years to reach its fruition. It is a journey through the London underground over to Portugal and back. I’m exploring memory and everyday life. It has taken time for me to let go and release it to the world. It’s a poem without an ending. I have several parts of the poem published in magazines and a pamphlet with an extract from it.


wind comes in it doesn’t ask
hello u I’m not u I’m Joshua
have you got any brothers and sisters no I’m going to buy one
i was fine when I was three now I’m four
our seagulls are very friendly if you don’t want visitors keep windows shut

it’s not too late to have a baby sally’s 40
wish my wife was this dirty
want to put him back in

she’s been sleeping for an hour says hope she’s not dead
today she doesn’t recognise me says I look different should have worn my black t-shirt
does your t-shirt say hovis no levis
whose your father
you never wanted to get married

old lady says never trouble trouble unless trouble troubles you
have you bought a dress for your reading?
invited to seven year old party decline

up all night dancing beach party chables and tairs

liked you before I knew you were left-handed

magic engine takes us to beach

writes dear god please let the plane land safely and we’re diverted to stansted instead of landing in Luton cause plane has caught fire so we circle for forty minutes and the captain says look at the scenery
points mobile phone at great grandma and says pause as his brother blows kiss and slaps her face

bringing up your parents

didn’t realise they looked at your shoes when reading

which hat have you got on today
drawing your blown off hand back on page

are you being good or bad as she lifts menu that’s the biggest worry in her life

good bush bad bush pubes horizontal or vertical
do you pray upwards

placed oyster card on top instead of ticket in slot go to window for refund can’t help have to call up

no service from harrow-on-the-hill to uxbridge ask train staff there for help with buses for any other information come and see me the attractive lady wearing a headphone set didn’t know this had become a dating agency

old lady refused to change into her nighty saying her father was coming to pick her up he’s been dead 63 years

three supermodels looking after you today

all the books I’ve been lent and not read

cry when there’s really something to cry about she said to her five year old

those first steps you take as child little drunk steps

asks to place his palm on mine says it’s sticky

plastic man is great

suicidal platform

put yourself at risk ever

5’2 goofy stands in hall greets all substitute sister who’ll buy her trousers in exchange for their skirt for £100 they’re talking about shaving their moustaches don’t remember thinking about that at their age

whose gonna win tomorrow

lack of chopsticks try toothpicks

you walk with torch picking up dog shit from grass it’s pissing down what’s that about

little girl in uniform clock stopped on wall

northern line is closed

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